23 Feb, 2024
Lugar: CITeS - Universidad de la Mística
On line: SI
Profesor: Juan Torres
Duración: 23 - 25 febrero 2024
Precio: 55 €


In our times, the human and spiritual experience transmitted to us by the great mystics, open horizons to a process of personal development in the search for self-realization.

The Book of Life of St. Teresa, tells us her interior process of development and transformation that takes place from a search and awareness of her own interiority and that from the space of prayer led her to the discovery of freedom, of the truth of God and of herself. In this course we will approach this process lived by Teresa, attending to three key moments that she presents in her book, the moment of search, encounter and transformation (mission or impact). The approach to Teresa in this course aims to illuminate and accompany our own process of human and spiritual development from the insights of her experience.